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Manual Powder Coating Equipment

This electrostatic powder coating equipment is operated manually and it has various types.

Product introduction with internal high voltage electrostatic spray gun
1.The product uses the imported circuit design, light spray gun that weighs 450g and stainless steel powder hopper.
2. This electrostatic powder coating equipment adopts the sturdy internal detachable high-voltage module, which employs particular design. The flexible trolley is able to change the spraying position promptly.
3. Next to the nozzle, the high voltage cascade makes low voltage loss and improves the discharging effect and powder utilization.

As the high voltage electrostatic generator is used for multiple times every day in the poor environment, we have to disassociate the electric circuit and air circuit completely. The part for generating static is sealed thoroughly in a cabinet to prevent the dust and decrease the frequency of damage. The PCB adopts four different connectors to avoid misconnection. It can be replaced directly even by the person who does not know about the circuit so that it saves the maintenance cost and repairing time. We supply all the detailed information about the product so as to give optimal service for our customers.

Technical Parameters
Electric parameter Spray gun parameter
Input voltage AC220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz for option Supply frequency 9-30KHz
Input electric power 50VA Output voltage Max.100KV AC
Magnetic valve controlled voltage DC24V Output current Max. 160uA
Aerodynamic parameter IP rating IP54
Input barometric pressure 6-8bar Powder extracting quantity About550g/min
Amount of air 19m³/h High voltage module installation mode Built-in
Requirement for air Water content <1.3g/m³ Electrode Negative
Oil content < 0.01g/m³ Weight of the spray gun 450g
Fluidizing air pressure 1-2bar Specifications of powder hopper 350×500mm, 360×620mm for matching
Total weight 35-55kg

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